Program Benefits

Weekly Delivery Service

Savings in volunteer shopping time and effort
We work with volunteers to make food shopping as easy as possible.

Eliminates reliance upon volunteer vehicles
With our service, volunteers can now focus on meeting the needs of the students without the added responsibility doing the shopping.

Food Costing

Bulk purchasing direct from vendors at wholesale pricing
Our program provides access to best possible wholesale pricing while maintaining low minimum order requirements.

Equitable food costing for all program location
We are committed to ensuring that both urban and rural schools have access to the same low pricing.

Food Safety

Food sources are documented throughout the supply chain
We provide full traceability of food items from supplier to school.

Perishable products are properly refrigerated from procurement to delivery
OSNS is fully licensed to provide safe delivery and handling perishable food.

Student Nutrition

All items offered sourced to meet, and reviewed against nutritional guidelines
We work with our suppliers to provide the healthiest possible food options that are all compliant with provincial guidelines.

Opportunity for custom formulated items to better meet guidelines
We are engaged with the food supply community to develop items that meet the needs of student nutrition programs.


Purchases are invoiced directly to the program
Volunteers are no longer responsible to use personal debit or credit for purchases and wait for reimbursement.

Payment is required once monthly
Programs are welcome to remit payment upon receipt of their monthly statement.